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Tyler Flowers of the Braves discusses his offseason, McCann

Braves’ catcher Tyler Bouquets met with the media at Chop Fest on Jan. 19 at SunTrust Park. In the interview, he talked over heading into spring coaching just after a tranquil offseason for himself. The interview was edited for brevity. 

Q: Are you enthusiastic with (Brian) McCann back right here and the two of you what you fellas could do?

A: Yeah, for absolutely sure. I imagine it is a fantastic combine and match. I imagine a lot of issues that I really don’t possess he does, and vice versa. So I imagine it is some thing that could truly work for the profit of the whole staff.

Q: What variety of romantic relationship did you establish?

A: Well we understood every other a minimal bit ahead of that, ahead of I grew to become section of the Braves. From time to time in our older childhood we would run into every other. I imagine we were each acquainted with every other, just due to the fact we were each quite good escalating up. Outside of that, I didn’t truly work with him a ton catching sensible, specially, due to the fact if you remember way back when I essentially played initially foundation, so that was to some degree the begin of my transition. 

Q: You experienced that medical procedures just after very last year, so you didn’t truly have a ordinary offseason, has this been a ordinary a single?

A: I haven’t experienced a ordinary a single in a handful of a long time. This a single was quite ordinary, finally. No major concerns, didn’t have nearly anything on the calendar to get cut open up, so it was variety of nice to get pleasure from some holiday seasons with two fingers, two feet, two shoulders. So it was fantastic.

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Q: Does that make you sense improved about heading into spring coaching recognizing you will be 100 p.c, rather than nonetheless rehabbing some thing or strengthening your wrist?

A: Yeah I indicate, that’s the supreme target, the beginning of every single off-year is to uncover a way to get us healthful and sense as fantastic as you can heading into the subsequent spring. Like I claimed this is the initially time I have experienced that in 4 or 5 a long time I’d say, there is seemingly usually some thing. Very good issue about the off- year it typically provides you time to correct all those issues, so the good news is I didn’t have nearly anything to correct this yr. 

Q: You mentioned the issues you have been reading through in the offseason, I’m absolutely sure you have been reading through about moves by other groups in the division — Phillies, Mets, Nationals — have all been occupied. 

A: I’m acquainted with it. I imagine it is a fantastic indication, we did some issues proper in the very last handful of a long time and very last yr specially. They sense like they want to carry on to get improved, just like we sense we want to as nicely. So, you know all those fellas are jumping exterior the business to make massive moves, we’re counting on a lot of fellas inside of, in addition to the couple of moves we built. But I imagine talent sensible we match up with anyone, it is just a matter of placing in the work, getting as reliable as we can, and participating in as a staff. Which, we have a extremely one of a kind group of fellas. It is rare to essentially have a staff genuinely like every other, all 25 fellas furthermore coaches, so I imagine the chemistry we have created over the very last couple of a long time, I imagine that’s truly some thing you cannot get on the open up market.

Q: Is that tough to recapture that yr to yr? You know, the chemistry every single yr of the clubhouse can change a minimal bit with a single person or two fellas. I’m just pondering about, can you fellas recapture it?

A: I imagine if you keep the bulk of fellas, yeah. I imagine it is some thing that is nonetheless there and other fellas just drop in, variety of figure out it. It’ll be effortless to figure out proper away, with the handful of new fellas coming in, they are heading to see it proper away initially working day of spring. And they might already see it proper now. But yeah I imagine when you keep the nucleus, the main of the staff collectively, that’s some thing that can translate yr to yr. 

Q: Is that essential when you see the moves he tends to make in the offseason? You see that he of course has that in thoughts due to the fact he doesn’t bring anyone that’s found as a disruptive person?

A: I imagine that’s truly undervalued, actually. You know where I was previously at that was some thing that was not taken into account close to as much as it really should have. And I imagine if you were in clubhouses of groups I have been on, it is noticeable when some thing like that is leading to a conflict amongst teammates. So, I imagine that’s some thing that is extremely undervalued for absolutely sure. 

Q: Have been there some occasions very last yr where you took a swing or barreled a bat where you claimed it is just not quite all there but? So lots of occasions it requires a complete yr to get better from a hand or wrist injuries.

A: I wouldn’t say that, when you engage in any activity and specially baseball with how often we engage in, you are heading to have issues that appear up working day to working day, 7 days to 7 days. When you get older occasionally you just wake up and some thing hurts for a handful of days and then it goes away. So I didn’t have any unique explanations or excuses for offensively not undertaking as nicely as I wanted or envisioned. I indicate there were a couple of problems for me through the year, the injuries opening working day didn’t assistance nearly anything. But it was the hand I was dealt and I tried using to do the ideal I could with it. There was a minimal bit of terrible luck mixed in there much too, I felt like a lot of days I hit some balls nicely. You know they say all those even out, but they really don’t even out, not usually.  

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