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Top 5 Trade Targets for the Atlanta Braves Bullpen

Atlanta Braves

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL – FEBRUARY 22: Pitcher A.J. Minnter

With the cost of relievers in free agency spiking at an insane clip, the best route for the Atlanta Braves to bolster their bullpen might be through trades. Who are some of the better options you may hear in Braves rumors?

The amount of money shelled out in free agency for relievers is really quite astonishing and will undoubtedly be too rich for Atlanta Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos and company’s blood this offseason, even though “bullpenning” is now a thing and in spite of Braves rumors on nearly every available free agent reliever.

Over the past few seasons, four closers have been given contracts with AAVs over 17 million dollars. Adding to that is the cost of middle relievers, which would also make a significant dent to the amount of money Atlanta has to spend this winter.

Tommy Hunter (9 million), Jake McGee (8.5 million) and Pat Neshek (7.7 million) are just a few relievers who have received significant contracts over the past few seasons.

Their combined WAR last season?


Free agency resources are best served for positions the Braves currently need like an outfielder and catcher.

Exploring the trade market for bullpen help is the most prudent way for the Braves to bolster a significant need, while also not having to pay an exorbitant price.

I have ranked my top five targets via the trade market. Admittedly, some might not be as realistic as others due to their team-friendly contracts, the crazy-high asking price for said cheap players and their current team perhaps wanting to compete for a playoff spot next season, even if it seems misguided.

Nevertheless, here we go.

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