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The Braves are not just a baseball team. They’re a real estate company too.

I have taken the Braves to process very a little bit in this room these days. This write-up and then, later on, this write-up got a ton of attention, each from Braves enthusiasts who concur and nod their head and individuals who disagree and believe I’m an overly cynical lousy enthusiast or whatever.

I really don’t believe I’m a lousy enthusiast or that I’m cynical. I just look at the specifics on the floor and draw conclusions from them. The overarching truth that appears to make a difference in this article — different and aside from any personal transfer or non-transfer the Braves front office environment makes — is that the Braves, as an group, have pursuits other than successful baseball video games and individuals pursuits, in convert, simply cannot support but effects the Braves’ solution to successful baseball video games.

Passions like real estate. As the Cobb Business Journal reported yesterday, the Braves are involved in a sophisticated bond transaction, the specifics of which bore me, but the upshot of which is that the Braves are constructing office environment towers:

The Advancement Authority of Cobb County signed off on a required phase for the Braves to get the personal loan on Tuesday . . . Jonathan Smith, deputy typical counsel for the Braves, mentioned at Tuesday’s conference that the job will span about four acres owned by the Braves. About 50 % the land is currently being leased by Thyssenkrupp for the R&D tower, which the German conglomerate will have.

The other 50 % will home the office environment constructing, which the Braves are constructing and will have, in accordance to Smith. Half the office environment constructing is currently being leased to Thyssenkrupp, Smith mentioned, and the other 50 % is currently being leased to other organizations, though no tenants have been announced yet.

This is all aspect of the Battery sophisticated which surrounds SunTrust Park and in which the Braves — by means of a car named Braves Advancement Corporation — have a considerable interest. When you value the magnitude of that improvement and the type of revenue the Braves are acknowledging from it now and will notice in the long run, it’s hard not to conclude that the Braves did not get SunTrust Park built for them simply just or even primarily to turn into a additional aggressive baseball workforce. They got it built for them so that they can turn into a real estate improvement enterprise that occurs to have a baseball workforce as one particular of its quite a few factors.

And really don’t believe that that the partnership concerning the improvement and the ball club is some weak and attenuated issue. Check out out the Braves’ org chart, as established forth on, with my highlight extra:

No matter what the legal partnership is concerning Braves Advancement Corporation and the baseball workforce, each entities response to Terry McGuirk, evidently on equal footing centered on the titles of the persons who operate them. As these kinds of, when McGuirk suggests, as he did final 7 days, that he “couldn’t be additional optimistic” about the Atlanta Braves, it makes one particular surprise if he implies the baseball workforce or the general venture, only one particular aspect of which is anxious with baseball. Certainly, one particular of his answers to the concern about why all the increased revenues are not currently being plowed into the workforce was “it charges a ton to construct this edifice.” That response was possible additional literal than most persons recognized.

Absolutely sure, the Braves want to gain — I really imagine them when they say they want to — but attaining that want is considerably fewer important to the Braves, fiscally speaking, than it would be if they did not have office environment towers to construct, have and lease out with favorable tax treatment method and other governmental help. The hit from lacking the playoffs, for case in point, is a drop in the bucket in comparison to what it might’ve been again when they played in Turner Field or Fulton County Stadium. At the exact same time, income that is recognized by the Braves, their real estate ventures, or each, can be utilised in any number of strategies. Possibly the baseball workforce is the priority in some cases. Possibly it’s not.

Observing that does not make one particular cynical. The Braves are a baseball workforce with real estate pursuits. Or maybe they are a real estate enterprise with baseball pursuits. The appropriate way to characterize that is dependent on a ton of things about their financials and their priorities the Braves are possible unwilling to share with us, but it’s a easy truth that they have priorities that have little if nearly anything to do with baseball. It is honest video game, then, to concern the organization’s priorities when scrutinizing the baseball choices they make.

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