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The Atlanta Braves officially reveal their new jerseys and they’re nice

The Atlanta Braves unveiled their uniforms during Chopfest 2019 and it included some tweaks, some color swaps and the return of a fan favorite

As announced earlier, the Atlanta Braves were going to showcase the uniform lineups for 2019 and the foreseeable future. It was believed to mean that they were going to debut a brand new jersey design or maybe bring back a classic. Well…they did both.

On Thursday, the Braves dropped an announcement of some of the bobble-heads that would be given away throughout the season and one of them “accidentally” previewed what one of the new jerseys would look like:

In the Dansby SwansonCharlie Culberson fusion bobble-head, Culberson’s side of the figurine (I think it’s him because he has the lighter tone beard and Swanson has worn socks over his pants) is wearing a red jersey, something that hasn’t been used since 2013. Also, that’s excluding the special red jerseys like the ones with the stars and flags they wore in last couple seasons.

Well, they OFFICIALLY announced them on Saturday which included a cool video package and then a catwalk (the walkout starts at around 3:51) from Swanson, Ronald Acuña Jr., Ozzie Albies, Ender Inciarte and Freddie Freeman each wearing one of the jerseys.

Dressing for the Day

Swanson came out first with the main home “all white” uniform. They explained that the classic look remained the same and unchanged because “they might be the best looking uniform in all of sports.”

Acuña followed him with the slightly tweaked road gray uniform which had the “Atlanta” script moderated to match with the “Braves” script on the home jerseys.

Looking at side-to-side comparisons on’s website, you can see that the new script has thinner letters.

Next up were the “Sunday alternates” worn by Albies which is cream based with navy lines and the jersey number on the side under the “Braves” script.

The team design is a tribute to their 1950s uniforms.

As they explained, the Braves have worn these before occasionally but now will officially be a Sunday home alternate.

The big changes – for the better – were to the “Road Navy” uniforms on which many fans have complained about the dull colors. Before, these uniforms were just white and navy and didn’t have any pop to them. Well for 2019, it’s looking good.

You can already see it in Kelsey’s tweet above but in the tweet below, we see some red and silver added to the outfit, modeled by Inciarte.

The front “Atlanta” script and back player number is now red while the tomahawk is fully filled in with red. Again, you can see the side-by-side comparisons here after. The name and numbers will be easier to see and makes the uniforms standout. Red and blue together always create that 3D effect and it just looks so much better.

It wasn’t stated if they would be wearing the tomahawk cap with the jersey like a couple of times or not, as Inciarte came out with the standard white and navy cap, but it would fit more if they did.

Paint the Town Red

Lastly, it was the big reveal of a returning fan favorite: the red jerseys!

Modeled by Freeman, the uniform will be used for Friday home games. However, it comes with some a slight tune up compared to the 2005-2013 version as the striping is now just navy blue instead of blue and white. Also the red is supposedly a different shade… a bit subdued as compared to the original version.

The plan again is for Friday home games and hope for fans to show up in all red.

I’ve been a big fan of the red uniforms and was hoping the bring it back. Wish they would the cap with a tomahawk across the red “A” that used to go with it (I actually have one). However, Freeman was wearing the classic Braves cap that they normally wear with the Home All-Whites.

I also had hope they squeezed the Hank Aaron 1974 throwbacks into the lineup because THOSE are just as popular, if not more, than the red tops. They now have a Friday and Sunday alternate…why not a Saturday alternate…make it a fun 3-day Home Weekend. Let’s start a petition!

Hopefully they’ll wear them on more occasions than just for Hank Aaron tributes.

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What do you guys think? Are you guys loving the new look? Were they what you expected? What designs did you guys wish they included or changed (I saw some powder blue demands)?


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