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Here’s how Mets hope to trade for J.T. Realmuto, fill outfield

Regardless of whether the Mets trade Noah Syndergaard, it makes sense for them to sign free-agent Nathan Eovaldi, who is reportedly being pursued by up to 10 teams.

To be clear, I’ve heard just as many MLB insiders predict Syndergaard will be dealt as say the Mets are simply using him as bait to get in conversations with interested teams. I can see it both ways and I think we’ll only know the truth when players report to Spring Training.

The thing is, with or without Syndergaard, the Mets can state their belief in Jason Vargas all they want, but the fact is he had such a terrible 2018 that he has to be a considered a major question mark. Similarly, while Steven Matz and Zack Wheeler seemingly turned the corner in their respective careers, it was Wheeler’s first full successful season in three years and the first time Matz (who is already 27 years old) made more than 30 starts in a season. 

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