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First Indians’ Chief Wahoo Banned, Now Braves’ Tomahawk Chop in Line of Fire

As NBC’s departed Laptop legend and opponent of Indian nicknames Bob Costas fades into the sunset, the network’s baseball writer Craig Calcaterra instantly renewed his attack on Indian nicknames and imagery in athletics. 

Calcaterra, who in 2017 complained that giant flags on baseball diamonds are too political, this 7 days relayed how Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred may well have just lately indicated a want to set an end to the Atlanta Braves’ tomahawk chop. 

Though obtaining the Countrywide Congress of American Indians’ Public Sector Management Award for convincing the Cleveland Indians to get rid of their 70-calendar year-old “Chief Wahoo” logo, Manfred mentioned the Braves really should get credit for eradicating their Indigenous American imagery and rituals, too.

To Calcaterra’s chagrin, the commish experienced mis-spoken. In 1986, Atlanta experienced formerly retired “Chief Noc-A-Ho-Ma,” an Indian gentleman who, on property operates strike by Braves’ batters, emerged from a teepee to do a celebratory dance. Alas, at the approaching standard period opener, the Braves will give absent foam tomahawks and continue on their “Chop Fest” enthusiast party. Atlanta’s social media accounts will continue to use a “chop on” signature hashtag.

Calcaterra is just not supplying up however. He thinks the tomahawk chop is regrettable, problematic, offensive and racist. He demanded an accounting from the MLB commissioner:

“So . . . if Manfred thinks receiving rid of one regrettable little bit of Braves Indigenous American iconography — Noc-A-Ho-Ma — is excellent he will have to, to be steady, support receiving rid of other regrettable bits of Braves Indigenous American iconography, ideal? Which implies that he either (a) supports receiving rid of the Tomahawk Chop too or (b) does not just take issue with the Tomahawk Chop or find it to be an regrettable little bit of Indigenous American iconography.

“Which is it? Does Manfred think the Tomahawk Chop is Alright or does he want it long gone? It has to be one or the other. He has affirmatively ceded the non-committal center floor on this matter.”



Calcaterra has requested MLB for a response to his inquiry, but has not received one but. He is just pursuing his have common working process on this matter. He did the exact same issue when the Cleveland Indians played in the 2016 Earth Sequence.

Declaring MLB was “obligated to point out its convictions on the make any difference,” he made available to assist guidebook baseball to find its convictions. He requested if Major League Baseball thinks that Chief Wahoo is a racist caricature? If not, why? If MLB does think Wahoo is racist, does it think it is really proper for a club to have a racist caricature as its logo? “Dependent on baseball’s motivation to range, inclusion and open-mindedness, it cannot remedy this dilemma in the affirmative if it thinks Wahoo to be racist.” Also, if Wahoo is a racist caricature and that is inappropriate, what does MLB approach to do about Chief Wahoo?

In 2016, Calcaterra wrote that, in perspective of the Indians’ refusal to act, MLB really should drive its hand. His have record indicated he thinks MLB really should drive its hand with the Braves and ban their politically incorrect chopping behavior and Indian imagery. Back then he concluded: “But it would be the ideal issue to do. I suspect Major League Baseball presently is aware this.”

Opposite to Calcaterra’s assertions, it appears that athletics teams through the United States are endorsing range and inclusiveness by such as Indigenous American imagery in sport and tradition.

Oh and one more issue: excellent luck, Mr. Commissioner, with stopping 41,000 Braves’ lovers from executing the tomahawk chop!

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