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Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, Washington Redskins fall short on Indigenous Peoples Day

On a busy sports day, there was one clear loser: any team with an offensive mascot.

Monday was officially Columbus Day, but it’s less renowned counterpart – Indigenous Peoples Day – came out the real winner.

Indigenous Peoples Day has been gaining traction in recent years with many cities choosing to celebrate the holiday in lieu of Columbus Day due to accounts of Christopher Columbus’ role in the genocide of Native Americans.

The new celebration wants to honor and highlight the native communities that have always been here and suffered under Columbus.

On Monday, three teams with mascots or traditions that mock Native Americans – the Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves and Washington Redskins – all lost their games today with the two MLB teams being eliminated from the postseason.

See ya Indians

The Indians started the day’s losing streak off by getting swept by the Houston Astros. It was a must win game for them and they did anything but.

They had a 2-1 lead in the sixth and ended up losing 11-3. Not everyone was upset about Cleveland’s season-ending loss though – remember they’re a team whose mascot is an Indian caricature.

The irony did not escape most people today.

Monday’s game was the last we’ll see of the Chief Wahoo logo. Earlier this year the MLB deemed it “no longer appropriate” and Cleveland had already been phasing it out in favor of their block C.

Luckily, they brought out the Wahoo logo this postseason in time to get swept!

Bye, bye Braves

The Braves’ Tomahawk chop are not getting phased out just yet. The team fared slightly better than the Indians though losing by four instead of eight runs because unfortunately for them more tomahawk cheers does not mean more runs scored.

Still, some were just happy that they lost. Fans had been rooting for the Dodgers to win purely because of the insensitive cheer.

The Dodgers came through for them with a 6-2 win to take the series 3-1. What a way to kick off Indigenous Peoples Day in LA which voted to replace Columbus Day last year.


Even when some pointed out how denigrating and insensitive the cheer is, it didn’t stop fans from rallying to support their team.

The combination of the Braves and Indians losing was enough to make even seasoned sportswriters celebrate.

Washed out Redskins

To round out the trifecta of losers on Indigenous Peoples Day, one of the NFL’s most controversial teams went down on Monday to history-making Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.

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