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Braves leave Kevin Gausman at SunTrust Park in hilarious ‘Home Alone’ parody

ATLANTA – Ask 90s kids what Christmas movie they associate with the decade the most and they would probably say “Home Alone”. Ask baseball fans what team they remember from 90s and they would probably answer the Atlanta Braves.

So what happens when you combine the two? Braves fans get a hilarious Christmas present. 

The Braves decided to put their own twist on the 90s Christmas classic featuring not Macaulay Culkin’s MacKevin McCallister, but pitcher Kevin Gausman.

The parody has everything: game host Greer Howard reenacting Catherine O’Hara’s famous “Kevin!” scream and getting some help from fellow host Mark Owens. Fan favorite usher Walter Banks makes a cameo questioning how Gausman was left alone.

And of course, Gausman pulls out all the hijinks against the “Base Bandits,” which surprisingly weren’t played by any of his Braves teammates with a knack for stealing bases.

With the Braves currently in the offseason, the social media team has to have some fresh content before pitchers and catchers report in two months. And that is a gift to all Braves fans. 



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