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Braves continue to have interest in Sonny Gray, per report

Other than a bit of a kerfuffle last night where for about two minutes we thought that Marwin Gonzalez was going to be a Brave, the Braves have been relatively quiet since signing Josh Donaldson and Brian McCann. However, throughout the offseason, one of their stated goals, other than to find someone to play in the outfield, has been to upgrade the rotation. This has led to a lot of fans dreaming of acquiring Corey Kluber or signing Dallas Keuchel, but one name that has continued to crop and apparently will continue to has been Sonny Gray.

Gabe’s reporting is that it is thought that the Braves’ pursuit of Sonny Gray is likely to “intensify soon” and he is a pretty good fit for the Braves. While Atlanta has a wealth of young pitching, it is very much to be determined as to which of those young starters will ultimately pan out and hedging a bit with an accomplished veteran on a short term deal like Gray’s (he has just one year and $7.5 million left on his current deal with the Yankees) makes a lot of sense. This is particularly true since presumably Gray will not cost the Braves a ton in terms of prospect capital due to his struggles in New York and the fact that he has just one year left on his deal.

While Gray’s numbers are not eye popping (4.90 ERA and 0.6 rWAR in 2018), his home/road splits are encouraging as he was a nearly three runs better (6.98 ERA at Yankee Stadium vs. 3.17 on the road) and he was a five win player just a few years ago.

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