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Braves celebrate Christmas with ‘Home Alone’ parody – Story

– With just a few days before Christmas the Atlanta Braves are getting into the holiday spirit with a funny parody of the classic Christmas movie “Home Alone.”

In Brave’s “Ballpark Alone,” the whole team (including The Freeze”) are heading for a much-deserved vacation. There’s just one problem … they forgot Kevin!

Starting pitcher Kevin Gausman that is.

Gausman has SunTrust Park all to himself, but he has a few unwelcome visitors like the original, this time called the “Base Bandits.”

So he sets out to stop the criminals using everything from baseballs, tomahawks, peanuts and more.

The video also features user Walter Banks, Blooper, and hosts Mark Owens and Greer Howard, who said on Twitter that shooting the parody was “too much fun.”


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