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Atlanta Braves Time to Consider Trading For Yasiel Puig

The Atlanta Braves are actively looking for a third outfielder to add to their roster. The Dodgers Yasiel Puig could be the answer the Braves are looking for at a low cost.

It isn’t any secret the Dodgers are looking to move Yasiel Puig, for the Atlanta Braves Puig could come at a low price with a high upside. Puig is an energetic player who could fit very well in the Atlanta clubhouse.

The problem is the fact Atlanta seems uninterested in Puig despite the apparent match. If Atlanta is unwilling to spend on any of the top outfield free agents only then should Puig be an option.

If they are unwilling to spend and are looking for a consistent contributor on offense Puig is the answer for Atlanta.

The only downside to this potential move is the fact that Yasiel will bring with him plenty of flair and the occasional lack of hustle.

Still, Puig is a gamble Atlanta should take if they opt to add an outfielder via the trade market. He has hit .279 in his career and hit 20+ homers each of the last two seasons.

He plays solid defense and would be an upgrade for Atlanta over any of their current options. He would likely slot 4th in the lineup offering the Braves top three hitters protection.

The Dodgers have an overabundance of outfielders and are actively attempting to move Puig. For Atlanta trading for him would be settling, but it would allow them to avoid any long term contracts or giving up top prospects.

Puig would bring more postseason experience to Atlanta as well, he has hit .280 in his postseason career. With a very young and energetic roster Puig would fit right in.

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If the Braves opt to avoid signing one of this year’s top outfielders there is one clear answer to their void in the outfield and that is Yasiel Puig.



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