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Atlanta Braves: stalking Craig Kimbrel

Have you ever stalked another person?  I hope not, for the experience for how we’re managing Craig Kimbrel is sort of creepy, even though it is for all of the suitable reasons… ideally.

It is acquiring a bit comical, but you have gotta truly feel for the male:  about 95% of Atlanta Braves‘ lovers want Craig Kimbrel, their participant want to share that ‘love’, yet the Boston Front Workplace hardly acknowledges his existence.

So while it appears that we have carried out every thing but set a monitoring beacon on his rental car in the hopes of linking him up with the Braves in any way probable.

But considering the fact that that’s what we do all over listed here, let us go ahead and operate with what we even now know about.

1. He’s in Orlando

This is the tweet that get everybody’s attention… and compared with some other outlets, we aren’t previously mentioned offered credit to the resource:

Now there is a further angle listed here – albeit a insignificant a person – that (to my awareness) has not been outlined by anyone else.  It is about timing.

This presumes us getting some sort of glimpse into Kimbrel’s thoughts, but hey – we’re stalking now, so let us operate with it.

  • He’s married with a extremely youthful toddler, yet touring on Valentine’s Day.  Okay, that’s kinda par for the study course (pun supposed) for baseball players, but we’ll just observe that and move on.
  • He displays up in Orlando… not West Palm, not Miami, not Ft. Myers, not Tampa, not even anywhere in Arizona… but Orlando, house of the only club even now expending their Spring in the middle of the point out.
    • Okay, there is Detroit (Lakeland), but he ain’t signing there
    • You could argue that this site keeps his solutions open up for all of the probable solutions said to be out there:  Boston (Ft. Myers), Philly (Clearwater), Washington or Houston (both in W. Palm), or Atlanta.  Okay.
  • The team with the hottest reporting day of all for pitchers and catchers?  Atlanta… yesterday.  All of the rest had now been in camp for 1-5 days.

It is circumstantial, but getting all of this with each other, it screams out a concept:  ‘Alex Anthopoulos,  remember to see me!”.


2. The Reactions

Of study course, we have now designed our have sales pitch listed here in these digital pages… at the very least twice in actuality.  But possibly the superior pitch could occur from the players themselves… and they’ve been questioned about that.

Did these guys get the exact speaking factors memo?  That’s almost weird, but this bit was truly hilarious:

Riiiight… occur on guys:  let us acknowledge it.  Craig Kimbrel would like to be participating in baseball.  He’s smack in the middle of Florida in the middle of February simply because he would like a team.

Golfing is simply a distraction for him while he waits for his mobile phone to ring.  When it does, he’ll be off that study course more rapidly than a person of my have tee photographs (no, I’m not extremely excellent).

Yep… he’s gonna adhere around… ready.  And ready.


3. The Pitch

This claims it about as succintly as I could imagine:

(PS = Write-up-Year).  Yeah, the Braves do not will need a ‘good’ or even ‘solid’ bullpen:  they will need a lock-down bullpen.  I proceed to be confident that Kimbrel – even for 3 or 4 decades – could be That Man to make it take place.

So here’s a male who is practically begging to join the team and yet we’re hearing that there is very little going on involving the parties at this time.

Can we get this carried out?  Can we trump the Phillies, the Nationals, the Mets, the Cubs, the Brewers/Cardinals and even Dodgers in 1 shot?  Yeah, I imagine that’s plausible.  I’ve read a thing about ‘financial flexibility’, so I guess that suggests a thing.


4.  Time to Strike

Alex Anthopoulos and Terry McGuirk spoke of the psychological worth of introducing players at the July trade deadline to boost a club.  That could take place today, if the front business office would let on their own to be swayed by lover opinion for just a minute.

For guaranteed, he won’t be out there in July.  Someone else may be, but not Kimbrel – and all of the definitely excellent reduction pitchers ended up now snapped up by contenders earlier in this off-year.

In actuality, it is been the most energetic position sought this Winter.  There is obtained to be a rationale for that.

But boy, I would extremely a great deal like the Braves’ probabilities of becoming in the suitable position for a July acquisition a large amount superior with this male anchoring the bullpen.

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We like you much too, Craig.



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