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Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves rumors wish list includes Dallas Keuchel and others

Atlanta Braves rumors

The Atlanta Braves are rumored to have former Astros starter and Cy Young Award winner, Dallas Keuchel in their wish list. (Photo by Thomas B. Shea – Pool/Getty Images)

Another day dawned, and another pitcher is either linked to the Atlanta Braves or not depending, I guess, on your point of view. Thursday Houston’s bearded wonder and Cy Young Award winner Dallas Keuchel’s name popped up in Braves rumors for the first time.

Atlanta Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos makes no secret of his hunt for a starter, relief help, and a corner outfielder. That openness when there’s little going on around the hit stove leads to speculation by those who get paid to inform us and have deadlines to meet. Thus, it’s no surprise when Dallas Keuchel – or any quality pitcher – gets linked to the Braves.

Anthopoulos told David O’Brien in the Athletic (subscription required for details) that the Atlanta Braves were always going to keep our eye on the free-agent class” but O’Brien opined called a free agent number one type starter or elite closer signing extremely unlikely.”

The trade market seems the place receiving the most attention from the Atlanta Braves as they search for players to fill key vacancies. Prospects and current players are the capital in that market, and the Braves near ready pitching depth means they can play of everyone.

All of that doesn’t stop writers from speculating – daydreaming – about the Braves future moves with Keuchel, Patrick Corbin, Noah Syndergaard and others whose name generates clicks, at the top of their list.

The Atlanta Braves are not interested in Keuchel

On Thursday, Jon Heyman wrote on for Fancred (Franrag was an awful name, Fancred isn’t a whole lot better) suggesting the Braves aren’t in on Keuchel or Corbin.

A big starter would be nice, too. Though they haven’t been connected to Patrick Corbin or Dallas Keuchel yet, either would make a nice complement (to the rotation) . . .

Nor does he believe the Braves are interested in bringing back their old closer.

They also like an old friend, Craig Kimbrel, but don’t want to go near the Wade Davis $17.3 million record salary even for him . . . 

The same day, Craig Calcaterra said the Reds were “all over” Keuchel; that’s an image I’d rather not have in my head. He said something that many miss, but bears repeating about Keuchel to establish context.

The general consensus is that he’s not quite the ace he was a couple of years ago . . . if the Reds pay him like one . . . (it’s likely) hard to say no.

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