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Atlanta Braves Dansby Swanson Tweaks Hand; Could Miss NLDS

The Atlanta Braves sent shortstop Dansby Swanson back to Atlanta for further evaluation. After tweaking his wrist/hand, apparently initial tests were not enough after he left the stadium Tuesday night.

After leaving the game in the 7-3 victory over the Mets, Dansby Swanson was sent back home by the Atlanta Braves today to have further evaluations ran on his ailing hand/wrist.

Alan, in today’s Morning Chop, hinted at the possibility of losing Swanson for the remainder of the regular season, should this be more troublesome than first thought.

Atlanta’s official reason for removing him last night was for “precautionary” reasons.

That precautionary exit could leave Atlanta needing another bench spot to fill should this carry over to the post-season.

Swanson has missed time this year already with wrist/hand issues. He missed a couple of weeks in May due to soreness.

What Happens If …

This is where it gets confusing. Really confusing.

The big subject of discussion has centered around Austin Riley possibly making a quick trip to the Braves while Dansby is down.

Should this most recent bout with his hand or wrist be a problem that requires a DL visit, the possibility of bringing up another player could happen. With five games remaining in the season, a DL stint would carry over into the postseason.

There are options. But it doesn’t look like (even if eligible) Riley would be one of those guys to come up.

Since he’s been in the organization since September 1st, and he would be filling the roster spot of a player going on the DL, he would be post-season eligible.

You know what, I think I’ll just let our friend over at Knockahoma Nation help sort this out.

If you want to see the entire thread, I’d go give Knockahoma Nation a follow on the Twitters. Our pal Boggy knows his stuff, seriously …

However, to save you the trouble and confusion I have endured throughout that discussion, bringing up Riley doesn’t make that much sense.

Atlanta has Charlie Culberson, who can fill in wherever needed. The idea of Riley is at this point, more a fantasy than a reality.  Rio Ruiz has more experience at this level and so does Ryan Flaherty.  Of course, I’m not sold on either of them in the post-season.

I don’t think it would be smart to bring him up knowing the Braves are still fighting for home field in the playoffs.  Also, Riley hasn’t played baseball in 2 weeks, and has no experience above AAA.

Maybe it’s best if the Braves just stay the course with who they have accessible, and when Dansby is ready, throw him back in the mix.

Of course, the ideal scenario here is that nothing serious is wrong with Dansby, and he’s just day-to-day. That would be the best situation, and the situation everyone should be hoping for.


Unfortunately, there has been an update for Dansby, and the outlook isn’t too promising.

Of significant note, this is not about Swanson’s throwing hand, but whether he could field a ball or bat without significant pain is… unknown at present.


This is not the result that Braves Country was hoping for. As it stands, Charlie Culberson got the start at shortstop tonight.

Given the time of year, it is not likely that Swanson would go onto the DL, as that would invoke timers on his return that could hamstring the Braves.

Next: A Postseason without Julio? Could Happen.


Here’s to hoping, if the Braves make it past the NLDS, he’s able to play in the NLCS.

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