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Atlanta Braves Dansby Swanson Expected to Be Healthy This Spring

The Atlanta Braves were without their shortstop during their division series against the Dodgers. Swanson is still expected to need time to heal, but should be full-go by Spring Training.

Dansby Swanson brought a lot more to the Atlanta Braves then his .239 average would tell you. His value to the team defensively, and as an energizer on the field and in the lineup was easy to see for Braves fans this season.

His season was cut short when he left a game in late September with a torn ligament in his wrist. Missing a key postseason series and the remainder of the season.

Swanson was missed in the series considering his penchant for big hits and clutch defensive plays.

Swanson posted a 2.3 WAR a testament to his value to the Braves and his ability to have an impact on games.

This season Swanson thrived with Ozzie Albies and Ronald Acuna Jr. taking the spotlight off of him at the plate. He was relegated to 8th in the batting order and came up with big hits and was consistent on defense.

He ranked third in defensive runs saved at the shortstop position, no small feat in a League full of defensively minded shortstops.

The wrist injury may have hurt the Braves in the postseason, but Swanson is expected to be fully healthy by Spring and back in the starting lineup. Though it is worth noting wrist injuries can easily be aggravated moving up his timetable.

Next season for Swanson should be a pivotal one, one where Atlanta will expect offensive growth despite Dansby’s current value. Hitting .239 isn’t great production for a player who Atlanta expected to transition to one of their faces of a young franchise.

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2019 will be a season Dansby is expected to take a step forward and continue to prove he is the starting shortstop longterm in Atlanta.


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