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Atlanta Braves Can’t Count On Markakis This Season

Nick Markakis had his best period with the Atlanta Braves very last year. He won a Gold Glove, Silver Slugger, and was an All-Star. This all took place in a deal year for Makakis, as well. Right after a job year, the Braves brought back again the veteran outfielder on a just one-year, six million greenback offer.

Nick’s deal is an incentive-significant deal, so that signifies Markakis can go gain himself his complete offer, but even the Atlanta Braves have their uncertainties of very last year repeating itself. The Braves are hoping for the exact creation, but Markakis creating is not anything this staff can rely on to have them back again to the postseason.

Nick Markakis aided carried this Braves staff to the remarkable initial 50 % of the period that finally led them to a division title. Markakis did path off after the All-Star crack, nonetheless. This was not a shock looking at Markakis’ age and the workload that was put on his back again very last period.

The Braves plan to lessen the workload for Markakis this period to protect against these types of a steep decrease in his quantities. This will assistance soften the decrease, but the decrease feels unavoidable at this position of his job. The best the Braves can hope for is comparable creation with fewer at-bats. Doing that for Markakis will not be as very simple. He’s a player who likes to perform every single day. There could be some clash in between the player and staff relying on how Markakis is feeling. If he stays sizzling, like he did very last period, I imagine the Braves will have a difficult time pulling him out of the lineup.

Markakis had highs in batting normal and slugging considering the fact that signing up for the Braves. In his 4 seasons with Atlanta, Markakis has a batting normal of .284 and a slugging percentage of .400. Last period, Markakis batted .297 and slugged .440. Which is nicely earlier mentioned the necessarily mean for his normal. Markakis can continue to be a really productive element of this offense, but to be expecting him to have a further job year is optimistic at best.

A great deal of the Braves offensive results arrived from the regularity Markakis delivered during his excellent run in the initial 50 %. The Braves will be lucky to get that exact variety of creation for any element of the year from Markakis at this position.

The Braves obtained their insurance in place previously in Josh Donaldson. The reliance of Nick Markakis as a major producer for this staff is over.

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The Braves, at this position, have to hope for the best from Markakis. The consensus very last period was the Braves wouldn’t be bringing Nick back again, period of time. But after these types of a excellent year, the staff made a decision to get a flyer on Markakis. And which is accurately what this year is for the Braves: a flyer. Nick Markakis has a probability, and the ability, to show the naysayers improper. All he has to do is develop at a superior degree on a constant basis. I wouldn’t rely on it.

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