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Atlanta Braves Can Win Their Division Without Any Roster Additions

The Atlanta Braves off-season has been precise and quiet with the Braves making big moves without any lead-up. The Braves have made two big additions and have put themselves in a place to win their division in 2019.

Signing Josh Donaldson and Brian McCann remain as the biggest move the Atlanta Braves have made so far this off-season. Both moves were at the start of the off-season and the Braves have done little since aside from resigning last year’s roster.

Still, despite some criticism, Atlanta is making the right decisions and has put themselves into a position to win their division in 2019.

Last season’s roster was capable of winning the division without a clubhouse leader in Brian McCann or a former MVP in Josh Donaldson.

If both players are healthy fans seem to be underrating what exactly they are capable of bringing to Atlanta. Not only will the addition of Donaldson make the Braves lineup better, but it also improves their bench and gives them more flexibility.

The Braves current roster has plenty of young talent that will only be getting better during the 2019 season.

Not only have the Braves kept all the important pieces of their 2018 division winning team intact they have made impactful additions. Additions like Donaldson who are going to help the Braves offense remain consistent and offer a much-needed power source.

Donaldson is a career .275 hitter who is going to hit 30+ homers if healthy this season in a hitter-friendly park.

Batting second he is going to make the lineup much deeper and fluid then it was last season and offer the Braves a consistent homer threat.

McCann will help to guide a young pitching staff and bring more veteran leadership to the clubhouse. It is unlikely he will improve the team offensively, but he still makes them much better and will help them win the division again in 2019.

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This Braves team is a roster that is headed in the right direction. A team built to compete and win their division not just this season but the seasons to come. The best is just beginning for a team full of young talent, talent that is set to win their division yet again in 2019.







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