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Acuna one of five bobbleheads on Braves promotional schedule

The Braves announced their promotional schedule for the 2019 season and it includes a bobblehead of Ronald Acuna to mark the one-year anniversary of his first major league home run. The bobblehead will be given out on April 26.

The Braves will also be giving away four other bobbleheads in Josh Donaldson (May 16), a Dansby Swanson and Charlie Culberson mashup (June 11), iconic Braves stadium usher Walter Banks on his 80th birthday (July 5) and Ozzie Albies’ helmet slide (July 23-24).

Other highlights include an Albies replica chain (June 19), Star Wars night (May 17) and T-shirt Tuesdays.

Here are the highlights of the promotional schedule:

April 1: Chop On Tomahawk giveaway, magnetic schedule 

April 3: Magnetic Schedule presented

April 5: Tote Bag Gate giveaway 

April 7: Bark in the Park, kids-only gate giveaway – Freddie Freeman jersey

April 14: Kids-only gate giveaway – Phil the Bucket bobblehead 

April 16: T-Shirt Tuesdays

April 26: Ronald Acuna Jr. bobblehead 

April 28: Kids-only gate giveaway – Braves socks

May 16: Josh Donaldson bobblehead

May 17: Star Wars night

May 19: Kids-only gate giveaway – B-Rush 

May 28: T-Shirt Tuesdays with Ozzie Albies

May 29: Cap giveaway

June 2: Kids-only gate giveaway – Play Ball item

June 11: Swanberson bobblehead 

June 16: Kids-only gate giveaway – Freddie & Ozzie height chart

June 19: Ozzie Albies chain

July 5: Walter Banks bobblehead 

July 7: Kids-only gate giveaway – Braves lunchbox

July 21: Kids-only gate giveaway – Braves backpack

July 23: Ozzie Albies bobblehead (first 7,500), T-shirt Tuesdays with Andruw Jones

July 24: Ozzie Albies bobblehead (first 7,500)

Aug. 4: Kids-only gate giveaway – Hammerin’ Hank bobblehead

Aug. 20: T-Shirt Tuesdays with Ronald Acuna Jr.

Sept. 8: Kids-Only gate giveaway – Braves arm sleeve

Sept. 17: T-Shirt Tuesdays with Dale Murphy

Sept. 22: Kids-only gate giveaway – Two-Bit bobblehead


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